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Founded by a group of friends who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper, today we offer smart, innovative services to dozens of clients worldwide.

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Our Story

The Background

The co-founders of PONS are twin brothers we raised by great parents.

Our father comes from the Black sea region of Turkey. That region is known for its high blood pressure and brain bleeding risks.

In 2006 our father went 3 times to doctor in order to examine his blood pressure and brain bleeding risk. The results were ok but at that time he had some problems with headache and blood pressure. In 2007 while he was driving the car with my mother an unexpected brain bleeding started and he had a bad traffic accident with a result killing him and a pedestrian at the same time. That was the tipping point which we have started to think and develop an early and mobile technology for recognition of brain bleeding.


What We Do

The current need, in traumatic brain injury, is a cost-effective, easy to use and non-radiation based imaging platform with an ability to provide a fast and accurate diagnosis.

We hypothesize that automatic, real-time, accurate and continuous anatomical target identification, using ultrasound is feasible and could be used to provide a diagnosis for traumatic brain injury patients.

PONS is a machine learning approach for automatic identification of US scans that have important anatomical brain features, and extraction of regions from the identified US scans that contain important anatomical brain features.

Specifically, PONS is a deep learning method based on deep convolutional neural network (CNN).


Why ?

An estimated 6 million people in the United States have an unruptured brain aneurysm or 1 in 50 people.

Approximately 15% of patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) die before reaching the hospital.

4 out of 7 people who recover from a ruptured brain aneurysm will have disabilities.

Ruptured brain aneurysms account for 3 – 5% of all new strokes.

There are almost 500,000 deaths worldwide each year caused by brain aneurysms and half the victims are younger than 50.

Based on a 2004 study, the combined lost wages of survivors of brain aneurysm rupture and their caretaker for a year were $138,000,000

10 – 15% of patients diagnosed with a brain aneurysm will harbor more than one aneurysm.

The governments only spend approximately $0.83 per year on brain aneurysm research for each person afflicted.



Best of the Best


Mobile and connected cloud system which will use machine learning and image processing algorithms to optimize recognition of Brain Bleeding risk


A portable prob which will get real-time image from eye


PONS will help to early recognize the Brain Bleeding risk by analyzing the special neural vein in the eye


PONS is a mobile and fast early recognition technology for Brain Bleeding

Time is the most important issue at Brain Bleeding.

PONS is a portable ultrasound probe and mobile analytics software which detect the risk of Brain Bleeding and connects the result with the hospital before the patient arrives the hospital



The long-term goal/mission of the PONS is to develop state of the art image-guided surgery systems that incorporate innovative computer and machine interface technologies into surgical procedures, augmenting surgeons' capabilities to achieve improved outcomes.
The main goals we are aiming to achieve are:
1- Improve surgical accuracy and functional outcome
2- Reduce costs (Surgical and Hospitalization)
3- Promote new technology in image-guided surgery and therapy
4- Provide innovative technological solutions for understanding, treatment, and monitoring of disease


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