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Every one of us has experienced that moment when our family members with critical health conditions needed to be treated immediately when they were away from their doctors or the nearest hospital.

10 years ago, our co-founders lost their father due to a late diagnosis that could have been prevented if medical imaging can be done outside the hospital settings.

Today, we understand that we need to democratize and decentralize the medical imaging ecosystem in healthcare. Value based outpatient care should be done anytime, anywhere, and be accessible by everyone to prevent overcrowding hospitals and save time.

The PONS mobile ultrasound system is the first comprehensive solution for risk assessment on health conditions outside the hospital settings, with the help of artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. 

Our Mission 

Optimize access to healthcare and improve the quality of life for all, regardless of their location or income so that nobody loses their loved ones to preventable diseases

Our Vision  


Bring "affordable , accessible medical imaging around the World"

The Leadership


Asst. Prof. Dr. Ilker Hacihaliloglu was the director of the Computer-Assisted Surgery and Therapy Laboratory (CompAST) at Rutgers University’s multidisciplinary research laboratory focusing on developing image-guided surgical systems between 2014-2021. He has over 15 years of experience in computer-aided surgery and early diagnostics systems in orthopedics, internal medicine, and oncology fields.

Soner Hacıhaliloğlu, multi-time startup CEO founded deep-tech companies in different industries and has been working in Siemens, E-on for 15 years and was responsible for business development and strategy in emerging markets and the EU/MENA/US region. Soner has been awarded as best young executive and leader in innovation from countries like Spain, UAE, Turkey, UK and Germany.  

Our co-founder Asst. Prof. Dr. Ilker Hacihaliloglu`s  research focused on integrating deep learning and AI algorithms into mobile ultrasound probes and make them intelligent and to be used outside the hospital as a point of care medical imaging and monitoring systems.

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