PONS is a breakthrough device that lets doctors monitor patients remotely and in real-time.
The PONS wearable ultrasound device enables doctors, clinicians from hospitals to clinics, to far-flung rural areas, to access diagnostic imaging simply by moving it to the point of care—whether at home or in the sports field.


Lower costs, fewer waiting times, better treatment options. All thanks to PONS - a wearable ultrasound device that lets doctors monitor and diagnoses patients from home.


Mobile Diagnostics Technology for Sports Competition and Home Care

Bring the ER to your home or field in real time.



Nursing Home

Nursing Home

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Remote Diagnostics

Remote Diagnostics

Working from a distance with patients can be difficult.

Is your doctor in another country?

Are you away from your country?

Then it’s difficult for him or her to diagnose your condition from home in real-time. You must book an appointment and travel time is precious.

PONS is a "wearable ultrasound device that lets doctors monitor and diagnoses patients from home."

Shifting from the Medical Staff as Users to Patients as Users.

That lets doctors monitor patients remotely and in real-time. The PONS wearable ultrasound device enables clinicians from hospitals to clinics, to far-flung rural areas, to access diagnostic imaging simply by moving it to the point of care—whether at home or in the field.


$400B*: Annual cost of rehabilitation after brain injuries.

$12.3 Trillion*: Cost of failure to improve surgical care in developing countries

Identification of traumatic brain and spine injuries on-site, at the accident location, or on the field, will save an important time for the patient. The connected system will help the doctors prepare for the patient in the hospital with costs for disability and lost productivity outweighing those for acute medical care and rehabilitation

Up to 25% of care and rehabilitation expenses can be saved by providing an automated and connected early diagnostics system.

PONS integrated ambulances will improve the speed of treatment, reducing the number of patients taken to hospital and relieving strain on hospital ER resources. next-generation connectivity could free-up 10.1 million hours per year for the hospitals as well as saving cities $1B per year and decreasing overall bed occupancy rates by 6% through the adoption of wearing monitoring devices.

(* WHO and Accenture Study ) 


Remote diagnostics and Monitoring

Shifting from the Medical Staff as Users to Patients as Users.

The majority of patients with serious health problems have to be seen in a hospital. This means that they have to travel to the hospital from home.

But they also need to be monitored after they are released from the hospital.

The inconvenience and costs for the patient are considerable. Wouldn’t it be more convenient for patients to connect with their doctor from home?

Lower costs, fewer waiting times, better treatment options.

PONS, a wearable device that works like an ultrasound machine


What We Do

PONS, an AI and medical image processing system that is focused on the brain and spine injuries by utilizing US technology. 

We are focused on deciding 2 important complications 
-     Mobile diagnostics for brain complications 
-     Non-robotic navigation system for neurosurgeries. 
The system uses mobile ultrasound probes and an AI-driven analytics system that scans and gives results for diagnostics and navigation. 

Our core is to yield rapid, precise results to doctors with our platform.

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Our Story

As John Lennon suggests, "Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans."

It was the last summer where we watched my father drive out to our summer house with my mother. He was in his sixties, and a great father to our family. He had some blood pressure problems and some headaches before, but the hospitals were not watching or monitoring the situation closely. One day as he was driving the car from the supermarket to home, his brain started to bleeding and caused an accident that not only he but also a 12-year-old child passed away. The most difficult part was to see the pain in the face of my mother and the family: The expression of deep sorrow.

The problem is not only a private or emotional problem that affected my family but after diving deep into the problem, we find out that close to 5 Billion (yes billion) people do not have access to decent smart health technologies and diagnostics around the world. The pain that those families, children, fathers, and mothers feel every day should not be there in 2021. That fact is driving me and my brother to pursue our dream and to develop a technology that will be available for everyone.

Gandhi said once: "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"

So here we are, founding PONS and learning continuously. Always trying new things and failing many more times. What you will not see us doing is giving up: Because we know that if we give up, we will never get up.


Remote diagnostics for Brain and Spine Injuries

PONS solutions will enable doctors, surgeons,  field medics, and radiologists to prioritize their focus on cases of greater clinical need and to determine with greater confidence whether follow-up invasive procedures (for example, biopsy) are required. Although the final diagnosis will require the radiologist’s or doctor's own judgment, predictive analysis will greatly enhance the value of AI solutions to doctors, surgeons,  field medics, and radiologists both inside and outside the hospital.



Mobile and connected cloud system which will use machine learning and image processing algorithms to optimize recognition of critical injuries.


A wearable probe and patch that will get real-time images from your body. 
The device will automatically scan your body, analyze the image, and connect you with your doctor in real-time so that you and your doctor can save time and make better monitoring while you are at home.


PONS will help doctors prematurely recognize any Traumatic Brain and Spine injury risk by analyzing the patient in the field and providing the pre-diagnostics of the potential risk levels.


Affordable Smart Diagnostics for Home use and Sports Indutry

PONS provides real-time medical image processing and analysis with its' mobile diagnostics and navigation tool using ultrasound technology and Machine learning algorithms to give doctors and surgeons the necessary information during the surgical process.
By using PONS, doctors have the chance to use a smart diagnostics and navigation system without needing to spend millions of dollars.

Diagnostics Navigation System

Our image processing algorithms provide smart navigation and diagnostics systems that are cheaper, better, and faster.

Smart Diagnostics by using US

  • Smart diagnostics using ultrasound technology

  • Ultrasound technology and ML systems for early on-field diagnostics for patients unable to get to the hospital

  • Navigation and image processing will help doctors inside the ambulance to analyze the patient much faster

  • A mobile system that can also be used in senior care facilities to provide early and non-invasive diagnostics opportunities for elderly people.

Connected Diagnostics System

The objective of this develop data-driven computational methods is based on deep learning for improved representation of ultrasound data obtained from a point of
the care ultrasound device. PONS enables this imaging modality to be used as a standard of care imaging tool in early mobile diagnostics.
The system is connected with 3rd party health care platforms saving provides both the patient and the doctors valuable time and money.


We Can Make a Difference


Almost 70% of the world’s population lack access to safe, affordable surgical and anesthetic care, while 33 million people are saddled with unbearably high health expenses. Not surprisingly, those who live in poverty around the world suffer disproportionately: while low-income countries are home to close to 35% of humanity, they account for just 3.5% of all surgical procedures.


Red Cross, UNICEF

Doctors Without Borders



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PONS is always pushing the frontier of technology’s impact on the world. We are proud of our achievements and love sharing our knowledge with community members and the technology ecosystem. Our news section includes information about our latest achievements, news, and business analysis - give us a shout if you can’t find the information you’re looking for.

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