Medical imaging performed by anyone, anywhere,and instantly

The Consumer Ultrasound

Sixty years after its first introduction into the professional medical domain, ultrasound imaging is now ready to enter the consumer market space.

PONS`s AI-driven mobile Ultrasound will allow for continuous monitoring of patients no matter where they are, not only on the surface of the skin but also deep inside the body.

Accessible, affordable, decentralized Medical Imaging 

Today the healthcare system is too centralized, we are still focused on building large and expensive hospitals in city centers, existing ultrasound systems ( even the new versions ) are that they still depend on a doctor to look at the image, analyze it and interpret it.


50% of the readmissions are happening because of not following discharge orders and regular visits after being released from the hospital.


Especially people living in rural areas, low-income communities don't have access to regular visits or medical monitoring.  

The first AI platform that makes ultrasound imaging so easy that anyone can perform and use it. 

Our Why

“Our mission is to provide accessible health care to the community. If we can deliver remote medical imaging to the community in a better-quality manner that is less capital intensive and decentralized, then that is better for our fiduciary commitment to the community.”

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Connect with your doctor  wherever you are

Our breakthrough digital health platform enables users to effectively keep track of their health when they're away from the nearest hospital or clinic

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Take charge of your own health and work remotely with your doctor from the comfort of your home

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Receive pre-diagnostics and monitoring in a portable, compact, and non-invasive patch

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Prevent readmission rates by 30% by constantly monitoring patients while they are at home.

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We understand that working

from a distance can be difficult

Have you encountered questions like these?

Is your doctor in an

another country?

Is it difficult to go to the hospital for follow up checkups all the time? 

Would you like to connect with your doctor from the comfort of your home?

Are you in a

different country?

Are the re-admission rates too high in your hospital? 

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We are ready to help you

Check out our benefits

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Early Detection

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Risk Level Analytics

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Better Treatment Options

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Save Time

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Fewer Appointments

Let's talk

Arrange to discuss technical information

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AI-driven risk assessment anywhere

PONS is designed to work while

you're on-the-go whether you're

traveling or playing on the field


Home Care

Get early diagnosis for

the elderly and at-risk people

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Wearable, non-invasive

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Saves time and money

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Works in rural areas


Field Care

Stay connected to doctors while

riding the ambulance

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Easy to use


Sports Care

Receive quick injury analytics

during practices and games

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Monitor injuries directly

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Get pre-diagnostics

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Stay informed about

injury risk levels

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Every one of us has experienced that moment when our family members with critical health conditions needed to be treated immediately when they were away from their doctors or the nearest hospital.

10 years ago, we lost our father due to a late diagnostic.

Today, we understand that we need to democratize and decentralize the diagnostics ecosystem in health care. Pre-hospital diagnostics should be done anytime, anywhere, and be accessible by everyone to prevent overcrowded hospitals and save time.

The PONS smart digital health platform for ultrasound devices enables everyone from people living in the cities to far-flung rural areas, to access medical monitoring and imaging simply by moving it to the point of care—whether at home or in the field.

Our motivation


Our breakthrough digital health platform empowers people to keep track of their health and to feel comfortable knowing they can rely on their doctors from anywhere in the world


$12.3 Trillion

The cost of failure to improve

surgical care in developing countries is

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Up to

The annual cost of



of care and rehabilitation expenses can be saved by providing an automated and connected early diagnostics system



Project in Nigeria

Helping women with ultrasound

Using our ultrasound technology, we help young Nigerian women navigate their pregnancy experience by detecting

and providing early diagnosis of any medical issues


Making meaningful impact

Meet the organizations we work with



Providing emergency relief and

medical aid to children worldwide


Doctors Without Borders

Providing medical and preventive

care to people all over the world


Red Cross

Assisting people with disaster relief

and disaster preparedness education

PONS imaging is a reflection of our passion to help people communicate and achieve better health.

We started PONS because we believe that by creating an intelligent AI system for remote medical imaging and risk assessment, we can help millions of patients, doctors, and medical institutions in critical need access medical imaging more efficiently and safely. 

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Holy wow. Is this technology real? My dream is to never have to go to a doctor's office again, I have a small assortment of devices I use to check blood pressure, temp, blood levels, blood oxidation, etc.


Good luck, I love that you're working on this


I worked in home monitoring telehealth for a few years and I'm a huge proponent! This is amazing and fantastic to see and yes the implications are really amazing! I can't wait to see this in the market, and getting a physical product in the market... that's amazing!

“We are trying to take care of more people using less money. To the extent technology can allow us to deliver care in less expensive physical spaces, it gives us to scale without having to make traditional capital investments.”
—Chief transformation and experience officer at a health system

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Diversity & Inclusion

To be engaged, you must feel included and valued. We strive to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative. Where there is a deep sense of pride, passion, and belonging that transcends any role, business unit, language, or country and is unified in our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. We know through experience that different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative work environment that delivers better results.


To support an inclusive environment where employees feel empowered to share their experiences and ideas, we’ve encouraged the creation of a variety of Employee Resource Groups, including groups for Women, Veterans, LGTBQ (Pride & Allies), African Ancestry, Developing Professionals, and more.

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